Speed Limiters & Top Speed Regulation

A straightforward and cost effective remedy

Examining the application of using the modern vehicles engine computer to prevent road trauma by activating the in-built speed limiter function.

If you don’t enjoy hearing about criminal teenagers (or the occasional innocent by-stander) being killed through high speed pursuits, then this would be one reason why you may want to be acquainted with the information and articles presented here.

There is an increasing amount of sites and information, relating to the subject, available on the net. We therefore suggest that interested parties go to our "Other Speed Limiter Info/ On The Internet" article, for an initial appraisal of this intriguing public safety issue.

[The picture below (with speech balloon) is intended to illustrate some of the safety hypocrisy surrounding the recent explosion of high-tech functions in late model vehicles. Read also: ESC and Speed Limiting... & Raising Consummer Awareness....
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